Paper jam in printers means the paper is stuck within the printer and must be removed manually. Printers have paper sensors in quite a lot of places in the paper trail. Depending on the printer so whenever a sensor detects the absence of a sheet of paper when it’s expected, it shuts down and reports a paper jam.

Paper jams are one of the most commonplace problems confronted through everyone who owns a printer. Clearing a paper jam is certainly a time-consuming activity. There are 5 main reasons for a paper jam. They are as follows:

Incorrect Loading of Paper

If you load a crumpled sheet or try to load a landscape orientated sheet on a portrait-oriented tray, it would result in a paper jam.

Paper Overload

The paper tray is among the in all probability portions that can purpose a paper jam. You could have stuffed paper into the enter tray that may have exceeded the tray’s capacity. An overstuffed paper tray can cause paper to rip and the printer to jam. This most often happens in an administrative center setup the place we print bulk quantities of documents incessantly.

Damaged Paper

If you attempt to load a broken paper, that is, a used sheet of paper or a paper which are stapled, it will cause a paper jam. So it is suggested to load neat, plain white paper.

Using the Wrong Tray

Using trays that are not fit in your printer can also purpose many problems on your printer’s functions. So If you attempt to insert or load a stack of paper within the output tray, it is going to a cause paper jam and just be sure you insert paper only on the input tray.

Dirty Printer

A Dirty printer is also a reason for a paper jam. Open the printer and clean it frequently and make sure that you clean the printer rollers or paper pickup rollers.

How to fix paper jam

Reset the printer

Sometimes the printer should be reset to clear the paper jam error. In order to reset, flip off the printer through merely going back to it and press the facility transfer. When the printer is off, stay up for a minute then Press Retry at the error message and Try to print your original report again from this system you’re printing from. So if the web page prints successfully, the matter is resolved.

Visually search

Remove the cartridge and store in a gloomy place and visually search where is the issue if you spot any jammed paper, unfastened paper throughout the paper tray, take away it by way of pulling gently to avoid tearing. If any torn items of paper stay within the printer, even more, paper jams will almost certainly happen.

Reload the paper

Frequently the state of the paper or how it’s loaded would possibly result in paper jammed. Do not insert too much sheets within the paper tray and

Don’t push the paper too far into the paper cassette.

Make positive the tray feeding the paper into the printer is aligned correctly

Clean the cartridge access space

Throughout the printing procedure, paper, dust, and toner debris can accumulate within the Printer additionally lead to paper jams. In this measure, we’ll clean the printer. With both arms gently remove the cartridge from the printer Place the cartridge onto a flat surface and then cover it with a sheet of paper.

By covering it minimize the exposure to direct gentle which might Lead to wreck to the cartridge As Soon as You are carried out cleaning the paper trail house and the cartridge hollow space, you’ll be able to reinsert the cartridge then you’ll Close the print cartridge door.

Switch to the again. Reconnect the power cable and try to print the file

Once more if it prints the problem is resolved after these troubleshooting if you are getting paper jam in printer again then call on printer setup.