Print spooler error is a commonplace printer drawback mainly printer spooler is an application that controls the paper printing jobs send from a PC to a printer.

If your print spooler service has stopped running you might obtain a pop-up indicating that you can’t add a printer or you can’t able to access a printer.

Basically print spooler error are many type like print spooler error 1068, print spooler error 1067 etc. Because the spoiler is not running and it might ask you to restart the printer spooler or restore your PC.


Step 1

Hit the Start menu and type run and click on it or Press “Window key” + “R” to open the Run conversation

>>you need to type in services.msc in that box and click ok.

>>Than you need to get it down to printer spooler service and double click on it than you’ll see their it’s not started it should have the text started next to it so if we simply double click on it

>>First of all ensure that it’s set to automatic after that click on start than you’ll be able to see that the services will get started so if you do that it should fix your print spooler issue.

After above troubleshooting should you still get print spooler error then pass to step 2


If you still getting the print spooler blunder what you need to do is you have to update the driver so just simply click on the start menu and type control panel.

>>Click on hardware and sound then move to Devices and Printers.

Where you’ll see your default printer, right click on it and click on printer properties.

Then click on at the advanced tab the place you can see the driver that is using

You just go the website that printer and seek for the latest driver for that printer

>>If you download it and save it to your machine

>>Then click on new driver click “Next “and if you click on have disk

Then browse to where you save the information double-click on it after that install the updated driver if you happen to then restart your system because that may restart the printer spooler and it also refresh the printer driver for your system so once you’ve achieved that you simply shouldn’t have any further issues related to print spooler blunder.